You are about to get more email. We hope you like it.


We have deployed a new version of Stash that has email notifications. What this means is:

  • Starting tomorrow, if you have an account, you will get a daily email when there is new activity in topics you follow and when people comment on items you have submitted.
  • We’d love your feedback on the email: what you like, what you don’t, what else you’d like to see.
  • You can always turn these off on your account page.

Besides our first notification system, we also release a new page layout! We’ve love your thoughts on that too.

Our GetSatisfaction site is our preferred place for feedback but you can always email us.

Complete release notes follow and thanks for your continued support.


Stash MVP v1.3 Release Notes

  • Vertical Keyword page layout
  • Replacement of carousels with “infinite scrolling” system
  • Always visible dismiss “X”s for articles
  • New topic page image dimensions and overlays to conserve space
  • Improvements and bugfixes for stashbot, notification systems