Recent design touches and such

Recent design touches and such
Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

Hello Briefly folks!

Our design team has been steadily refining the product over the last few months, so if it’s been a minute for you, now is an excellent time to come back and see how we’ve evolved.  We’re still keeping things pretty stripped down, allowing the content, including highlights and commentary from the community, to really shine.   The current version of the app includes dozens of small visual touches that will hopefully make the app more clear and frankly, quite a bit more handsome.

The back-end team has also recently completed a switch on core (and heavy) data over from MYSQL to Redis, which has made the entire system muuuuch faster.  Your feeds are now blazing quick, my friend!   And we’ve developed much more sophisticated default article summaries for you.  For posts that do not yet feature a highlight, you’ll notice prominent new summaries that allow you to more easily gain value from quick feed skimming.

Remember, while you are reading through your feeds, add a take!  Even a quick highlight will add value for the community.  Everyone who follows Briefly is smart and curious, so please be generous and share with us.

  • What about this piece was most interesting to you?  Highlight!
  • Do you have a response?  Add a comment!

Highlights with or without comments become ‘takes’ in Briefly, peeling off into their own mini-posts in the system.  You can share your takes on social, including images of your highlights.  Collectively, takes on a post inform much more intelligent summaries and they add invaluable critiques to each article.

If you have suggestions or feedback for us, please don’t be shy!  Drop us a line on Twitter or in our Forums.