Briefly Reborn!

Briefly Reborn!
Photo by Hansjörg Keller on Unsplash

For the last several months, we’ve been working on a new version of Briefly that  we’re excited to unveil for you.  Our goals remain the same.  We’re working on a product that helps you escape from ad driven algorithms and brings you useful content endorsed by real people with similar interests.  We’ve re-thought the ‘how’ though, and we’d love your feedback!

Some of the changes that you’ll see starting TODAY on

  • A new design, inspired by the newspapers of yesteryear.
  • We’ve left the old single column feed behind.  More content per frame, now in a clever mason grid.
  • User takes front and center, now featured at the top of posts.
  • Bump out directly to the 3rd party sources.  You can still highlight, but a click on a post now takes you directly to the source.
  • Primary call to action is ’save.’  If you like a post, quickly save it and then come back to all of your saved posts on your profile page (‘My Page’).

Every page and interface have been reconsidered and designed from scratch.  We’ve also taken the opportunity to leave behind lots of old code that was beginning to impact performance, so the new app is snappier and more fun to use.

So come give the new Briefly a spin!  And let us know what you think.