What you aren’t seeing in Stash but will soon. Your feedback is requested.

You’ve probably looked at the app and created an account. If you are now saying to yourself, “so what?”, let me take you on a little trip down our road(map).

  • There will be a better voting mechanism. We are working through the ramifications of item reputation across topics with wide ranging user populations. For now, please just “favorite” the best items, add new items to “keywords” (we are also looking for a more sexy term) and add existing items into additional keywords as appropriate.
  • Items will have scores that are based on community inputs. We are moving toward a topic page that has:
  • The newest items in a topics sorted by item score
  • The best items going back some number of months sorted by item score
  • The best background or reference items for that topic regardless of when they were published
  • Users will have a reputation or karma score. We are building a system that will identify the best curators on any topic and, eventually, give those curators a way of publishing their expertise in various public-facing ways
  • We will improve discovery of available topics. In the interest of not having topics become ghost towns (especially in these early days) we are only opening topics where we know people personally who have expertise in them. In the very near term, a list of every topic in the system will be rolled out.

Does this help? Does this list spark an idea for you? If you are in the Bay Area and coming to the party on Saturday, let’s talk about it then (write me f you didn’t get your invite). Otherwise leave a comment here or make a product suggestion on our Get Satisfaction page.

Thanks! See some of you Saturday,