What are they building there?

You may have noticed that we’re heads down right now. The product updates are scarcer and there are a few bits of functionality that we would normally be jumping on to fix, but we just can’t spare the cycles. It kills us, frankly, to be so focussed on code that you can’t yet see.

Fortunately, it’s for a brighter future. 90% of our engineering cycles are focussed on a complete re-build of PLOW that we call PLOW beta. Our alpha app is really a proof of concept, and it’s been remarkably successful on that basis. We’ve learned an incredible amount about the potential of the product by using it with you and listening to your feedback.

Our beta app features a completely re-written front-end and a re-imagining of how the content you care about should be presented to you. I’m hoping that you will find it more useful, more social, and a joy to get lost in.

In the meantime, we’ve opened up a public Trello board to keep you posted on what we’re working on, including product questions and issues. Please join us there and let know what you think. Vote!

And if you haven’t seen it, check out our overview section with screencasts and an original animation outlining why we’re here and how to get the most out of your PLOW experience.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

All the best,