Welcome to baby Stash!

Baby Stash is upon us! Welcome to the very first version of a new service that we’re calling Stash, at least for the time being. If you are here, it should mean that you are part of an elite few that have been hand selected by someone close to the project for initial testing and feedback. If that does not sound right, please email stashops@gmail.com and confess your sins, including how you managed to twist a coveted site password from on unsuspecting member of the elite few.

We’ll follow shortly with more information on what we’re hoping to accomplish with this version, but in the mean time, go explore! Use the service, engage with other members, and please use the ‘Feedback’ tab on the right hand side of every page liberally. We are under no illusion that the current version of the service is a mature and fully realized product.

Your feedback will help us get there, and the earlier the better!