Stash 1.6 is live

A new release is live. Have fun playing around and let us know what you think. For the latest release, we focussed on invitation tools. Now all active users in the system have the ability to invite friends to Stash and can track how their invites are used from their account page. We also spent time shoring up existing features, including substantial enhancements to the isotope page (your homepage) and how we handle timezones.

The details for Stash 1.6:

  • We have a new system-wide default presentation for timezone. It’s EST, baby.
  • User timezone is determined on registration, and added as configurable element of the user profile.
  • Article posted and stashed times are more extensively populated, presented in the user’s selected timezone.
  • Users are granted invitation on first stash, and given tools to track the invitations they’ve sent. You can see these in your account page.
  • We incorporated the request new keyword option in a number of existing interfaces.
  • We enhanced the landing page mosaic, including unfollow/follow controls for keyword tiles and scaling the isotope tiles according to metrics of popularity/activity.
  • Resolved a ‘false positive’ bug for the sidebar feed widget