Release 2.1: Patched digests, YOUR feeds, Setup page

Now that we’re all on the new app (see Boom — PLOW beta!), it’s time to smooth the app out and iterate based on your feedback. We’re relying on your input, of course. If you have ideas for how to make PLOW more useful for you or if you are running into issues, please let us know via Twitter or email, or join us on our public Trello board.

Highlights from PLOW 2.1:

  • We resolved an issue that prevented some of you from receiving our digests. If you received a digest for the first time yesterday — ack. And phewf. You only see a digest if content relevant to people or anchors that you follow came up in PLOW the previous day. You can also set your digest to a weekly interval or unsubscribe in your settings page.
  • Your feeds (New/Best on the homepage) are now your own, in their entirety. Previously, we back-filled your feeds with content from other anchors if your anchors were empty. No longer. This means you should only see content that is relevant in your feeds. And if you’re not seeing anything — find yourself some anchors!
  • New account setup page. PLOW is much more useful when you’ve taken a few steps to get yourself situated. Follow a few anchors and people, setup your profile, install the bookmarklet. We now help you through this process with an account setup page. PLOW will be much more interesting when you complete the steps. And it’s seriously kinda fun. Give it a spin!
  • Various bug and UI improvements, including: variable summary lengths (desktop/mobile), improved homepage layout for desktop to ensure calls to action are visible, @reply and #anchor endorsement typeahead positioning.

PLOW should feel much more personal and easier to understand and setup after this release.

What should we do next?

- Colin