Release 1.14: Social login and revised email templates

It’s been a busy summer and the PLOW dev team is cranking. This last release included some heavy lifting, especially with social login. Now you can register and login with your Twitter or Facebook credentials. You may have also noticed that our emails are suddenly much snazzier.

We’re suddenly looking almost legit!

Release 1.14:

  • Social login: full integration with both Twitter and Facebook for registration, including import of details, on both registration and login.
  • Revamped email templates, including digest formatting and all other app email.
  • email addresses have been implemented, replacing all gmail addresses for app mail.
  • Read articles on a keyword page are no longer are hidden immediately. They are greyed out until the keyword page is manually refreshed or between user sessions at which point they are hidden from the keyword page from the user.
  • On item pages, an endorsement count now appears next to endorsement pills, so you can see how many endorsements have been issued for each item for each keyword.
  • On item pages, we added a ‘Read More’ button for those that found the current linked title presentation counter-intuitive.
  • On keyword pages, we added the keyword summary field back, just below the keyword name.
  • On the account page, we clarified that your profile page is public, and can be seen by non-logged in users.
  • We revised and updated copy throughout the registration process.
  • App performance: keyword pages were taking a long time to load. We updated MYSQL queries to help the app out.
  • We setup monitoring for our production environment. We looove us some New Relic.
  • BUG FIX: dupes still appearing across new/best on keyword pages. (Fixed!)
  • BUG FIX: Typo in Account Settings > Advance. (Fixed!)
  • BUG FIX: ALL pages have new issue at top — header now covers top of page contents. (Fixed!)
  • BUG FIX: 3rd page of reg process does not begin with header area visible. (Fixed!)

Next up:

We’re introducing user scores for each keyword. You’ll soon have POINTS to lord over your peers! A sneak peek version is already live on keyword page leaderboards.

What do you think folks? Are we on our way?

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All the best,