Out with the Stash and in with the Plow

We’ve been running with Stash as a placeholder for our Alpha thus far, but we’re ready to bring in the new year with a new name: Plow.

Stash has always been a placeholder brand and we’ve gone through literally hundreds of candidate names looking for something that is punchy, strong without being off-putting, and properly evocative for the purpose driven, community application that we’ve built.

Why we like Plow:

  • Plow is a strong verb that describes a physical action, connecting to the curation/processing that users contribute.
  • Plowing is a process that generally requires a group of people, which yields a crop. In our world, a bundle of results/content.
  • Agricultural associations have a proletariat, organic, useful feel that connect nature, labor, health, and vitality.
  • The noun form of Plow refers to the old world manual plow. Our core differentiation is the manual contribution of individual time and expertise.
  • We like how it ‘feels.’
  • We reached out to many of you individually and the feedback was consistently enthusiastic.

As of 2014, we’re calling ourselves Plow. There may be a few trailing references to ‘Stash’ that we’ll look to stamp out over the next few weeks. If you find one, please let us know!

The brand switch is just one of a slew of changes that we have in store for early 2014, including expanded search, the first real design and UX work, and a slew of major new features.

I hope you’re bringing in the New Year in style as well. Huzzah! And can’t wait to see you again in Plow.

All the best,