Introducing search (this time for real) and Plow 1.9

Plow 1.9 is here, and the headliner is our vastly improved search function. Until now, search was merely ‘Search keywords.’ Truth in advertising is important, and we didn’t want to overpromise. You’ll notice that we’ve sneakily dropped the ‘keywords’ portion of that phrase. What could that possibly mean? Search will now help you locate users, articles, and keywords, all with much more forgiving results. If you don’t have the phrasing exactly right, Plow search results will help you get to the right spot.

Do you remember an article that you wanted to comment on, but you can’t find it on a keyword page any longer? Just search for some part of the summary, and we’ll take you back.

Do you know a user by first name, but don’t know their Plow username? Search will take you unto them.

Want to know what keywords we have going for San Francisco? Type in ‘San’ and search will fill in the blanks.

It’s really cool and you should check it out.

Complete release notes for Plow 1.9:

  • Vastly enhanced search including: fuzzy search across the board, string contains search, user search (first, last, username), item headline and summary search.
  • New search results page, including results organized by type and dedicated results page by type, presented with a link when there are more results than the default results page can display.
  • Completed the brand transition from Stash to Plow.
  • Added master of the back-end and principal puppetmaster, Felipe, to our about page.
  • Copy updates to item page to properly label actions (endorsements, etc.)
  • Bug squish: restored daily email notification mailing functionality.