Friends of Plow, come play with these new features. (Release 1.8)

We are excited to release the latest Version of Plow. Come in and kick our tires.

A few easy steps to check out the new features:

  1. Login at
  2. Click on some keywords and follow them if you haven’t already.
  3. Ditto with some of your fellow alpha users.
  4. Check notification settings in your account page. Make sure daily email is on.
  5. Endorse some items in your favorite keywords. See this guide to our horrible but temporary UI for endorsing.
  6. Check out the notification emails you get. Check spam folders if you don’t see one by the next morning.
  7. Give us feedback on our get satisfaction site.

We think we are getting close to something uniquely useful. Please help us get us a bit further along.

A list of changes in Plow 1.8:

  • Daily email improvements: revised the logic behind the daily email to include new items of a minimum item score for the keywords you follow and activities (seeds, comments) from people that you follow.
  • Comment notifications: email alerts when other people engage with the items that you have touched (seeded, commented, favorited). You can also enable or disable these alerts on an account wide or per item basis to make sure that you get just enough and not too much.
  • Bug fixes: various bug fixes to email delivery and related application logic.