Endorse articles, save the world

Plow, at its heart, is about small communities of subject matter experts directing the attention of people who don’t live and breath a given topic.

The most obvious way to do this is to seed an article to one or more keywords in Plow.

But you can also endorse an existing article in Plow and boost its reputation for various topics.

And there is a new way to do it.

Take this article that Micshasan added to Graphic Design and Design.


I might agree that this is a worthwhile article for Graphic Design. I can now simply click the small “plus” button next to Design keyword on the right.


The button turns green and I’ve increased this article’s value for the Design keyword.


This is an alternative to adding a hashtag for a keyword in a comment.

Either way you are helping bring the most important articles to read in a topic to the top of the pile. And eventually you will have a public reputation for each keyword showing how well you curate articles for others.

That is what Plow is all about.